Wedding & Portrait Photographers International in Las Vegas

I just spent six fun filled days at the largest wedding photographer conference in the world, WPPI. It’s always held in Las Vegas, and I attend every couple of years.  I participated in so many classes, 8AM -8PM non-stop! A very inspirational speaker, Canadian photographer Jesh de Rox, who during  his slide show, whipped out a guitar and sang his original music to go with his photography!   This is why I attend photography conferences and continuously  participate in workshops;  I want to see, hear and experience other photographer’s vision, approach and life balance. Perspective.  Life is all about perspective and how we view things, sometimes literally…

Las Vegas, vintage black & white style photography


Carolina Herrera Couture Bridal on window display on the Las Vegas strip.


My favorite thing about Las Vegas is the architecture!  It’s always a visual experience walking anywhere in that town. I frequently look down, as the flooring is always so unique in the hotels and casinos.  Shown above is an office building with a crosswalk; the palm trees are illuminated by  horizontal lighting instead of traditional uplighting. Below is the Bellagio, one of the finer hotels. A lake with an interesting fountain display is set to music, shown every 30 minutes.  The lighting is so magnificent and the water so mesmerizing that it almost makes Celine Dion’s singing tolerable!


So, there I am walking down the Vegas Strip at 10 at night in my trademark lime green jacket…and someone is yelling my name…  REBECCA, REBECCA!  And it’s not someone from the conference…  Whom might it be?  Well, it was one of my upcoming grooms-to-be, in Vegas having his bachelor party!   How awesome is that, I crashed one of my groom’s bachelor parties, without even trying!  I immediately e-mailed the bride, who had already heard from her groom, saying “guess who I saw”?  How fun is that!

See you on your wedding day, Lauren & Bob!

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