Cairnwood Estate Real Wedding

“Oh,Rebecca Barger…you have outdone yourself!   SOOOOO happy!!!” ~Kathy, Mother-of-the-Bride

Kylie and Jared married at gorgeous Cairnwood Estate in Bryn Athyn.  I have been to Cairnwood many times and I’ve envisioned this first dance photo and I finally was able to shoot it,  positively beautiful!

Kylie and Jared’s day was filled with love, fun,  and lots of details,  planned by  Proud to Plan.

 Thank you so much for capturing all the details because the whole day was a blur for Jared and I!  LOVE these! What a tease, this makes me so excited to see the rest of them! ~Kylie


Kylie purchased her Marisa Bridals gown at Bijou Bridal in Ardmore, brooch bouquet was created by Kylie and her mom’s collection of sparkle and commissioned by an artist friend of the bride.
rebeccabarger007 rebeccabarger003 rebeccabarger004 Kylie’s hair was done by Jill Kozar from Up Your Do, and cosmetics by Dylan Michael Cosmetics who are opening  their own salon, Starlit,  in Jenkintown. rebeccabarger005


rebeccabarger008rebeccabarger002 rebeccabarger009 rebeccabarger010 All of the couple’s details fit in so well with the look and feel of Cairnwood, the Estate’s was build in the 1890’s and designed as a country home and to host social events, what a spectacular backdrop for Kylie & Jared’s wedding.rebeccabarger011 rebeccabarger012 Vintage furniture  by Magpie Vintage Rentals.rebeccabarger013 rebeccabarger015 Glorious wedding at Cairnwood Estate, Rebecca Barger Photography, Jenkintown, PA.
rebeccabarger014rebeccabarger016What a gorgeous bride and her beautiful bridesmaids,  cosmetics by Dylan Michael Cosmetics,  hair by Jill Kozar, Up Your Do, vintage inspired fans!rebeccabarger018 rebeccabarger017Fabulous flowers by Valleygreen Flowers and Gifts in Lower Gwynned.rebeccabarger019 rebeccabarger020 rebeccabarger021 rebeccabarger022 rebeccabarger023 rebeccabarger024 rebeccabarger025Wedding designed  by the bride and  her mother with help from Erin Proud and her team of ladies from Proud to Plan, Catering by Karen Spire, Flowers by Valleygreen Flowers, Rebecca Barger Photography, Magpie vintage rental. Kylie’s mother, Kathy,  has a blog, “You’ll Shoot your Eye Out”  with lots of photos and you’ll see her eye for  details, details, details! rebeccabarger026 Spectacular lighting at Cairnwood Estate by Synergetic Sounds and Lighting. rebeccabarger027 rebeccabarger028 rebeccabarger029 rebeccabarger030 rebeccabarger031 rebeccabarger032 Cake and cupcakes by Ciao Bella Cakesrebeccabarger033 Apparently, this floor style dance to “Rolling on The River”,  is a Cincinnati tradition, quite interesting, DJ by Synergetic Sound. rebeccabarger034 rebeccabarger035

Such an incredible wedding day, Best Wishes, Kylie + Jared!!rebeccabarger036

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