Happy 4th of July

I shot this photo on July 4th, 1986 when I was a freelancer for United Press International.  It was during the 100th Birthday Celebration for the Statue of Liberty.  Shooting this image, and it’s world wide publication drastically  changed the course of my career.  UPI nominated it for The Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography, which we did not receive.  What I did receive was a position on the  photo staff  of The Philadelphia Inquirer!  I left that staff job in 2005, to continue my wedding photography business.   And each and every day I miss being in the newspaper world.   And each and every day I rejoice being in the wedding photography  world.   There is pretty much two sides to everything, it’s all how you choose to look at it.   ~rebecca barger, july 4, 2013

Photo shot with a Nikkor 300 f2.8 with a 2X extender,  and a Nikon camera, possibly a Nikon FE2.

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