Alithea & Curt, Curtis Arboretum

Alithea & Curt married at the Curtis Arboretum on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June.

A shower of rice rains on Alithea & Curt right after they were pronounced husband and wife.  Flowers by Love n’ Fresh Flowers, an urban flower farm and design studio in Philadelphia.

So cute, bridesmaids in different shades of lavender!

The bride’s grandmother holds Alithea’s hand as she congratulates the couple. 

Joshua’s Catering at Curtis Hall in Cheltenham, PA.

Awesome catering by Joshua’s Catering in Jenkintown. 

Alithea & Curt’s wedding cake was created by Jenny Low, maid of honor AND executive pastry chef at Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill.

Best Wishes, Alithea & Curtis!


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